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Balanced Spiritual Life

Diabetes is one of the toughest diseases to battle. Without treatment, Diabetes can take the best of us by destroying our kidneys, heart, and so forth. It calls for “balance” in our bodies in what we digest: if we digest too much sugar, our blood sugar level would likely be …

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We should not Fear Death

If life is just a bowl of cherries, then death must be the pits. Fear of death is common among we humans, although fear of public speaking seems to frequently beat it out for the number one fear. What is interesting about the fear of death is that it seems …

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Spiritual Mysteries

A friend asked this today: “What is your take on the unknown?” What a nifty question. I came up with this long-winded response: At one time, I was deeply interested in esoteric teachings and hidden truths. Now, however, I feel little attraction to digging and delving but rather to simply …

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The Direct way to Personal Enlightenment

What is the direct way to personal enlightenment? Talking about a way to somewhere assumes that there is a way, but more than that, it also assumes that we need to take that way for ourselves, to achieve that perceived goal of personal enlightenment. It is also indirectly saying that …

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Tarot Cards and the Paranormal

I have been using several tarot decks to perform predictions and other divination for myself and others over the past twelve years. I am always amazed how my accurate the cards are in conjunction with my intuition. I started reading not on the Rider Waite deck, as most novices do, …

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