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Supernatural Activity True or False

Supernatural would indicate something beyond the natural order of life. Those working in the paranormal, psychic, mediumship field find this offensive to what they are actually doing. They are working with natural laws of life that allow that we can access energies from dimensions beyond the material vibration. We are …

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Paranormal Past Life Hypnosis Regression

Paranormal is a generic term used to describe unusual phenomena or other experiences that lack an obvious explanation. Used in the field of parapsychology it can be used to describe telepathy, ESP, ghosts,UFO’s,past lives, psychic healing and a large variety of other fields. There are many times in our life …

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Theories why Ghosts may be among us

Spirits, phantoms, wraiths, these are just some of the many names that people use for the same phenomenon.  Ghosts are that phenomenon and it is one that we are fascinated with.  From television shows like Medium, Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters etc to magazines and books on the paranormal it seems …

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Jesus the eternal life

Hope is a tangible reality rather than an intangible desire. Many see hope as something one musters up akin to positive thinking towards the desired goal. However, when Scripture speaks of hope, it speaks of something that is tangibly within the nature of Jesus. Likewise, when the Scriptures speak of …

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Ghost of the Great Salt Lake

In the early 1860’s, Salt Lake City was growing as pioneers worked hard to make a go of the harsh desert living. Businesses were appearing and people came from many places seeking employment, among which included John Baptiste. John was employed by the Salt Lake City cemetery as a grave …

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Haunted Areas in Dayton oh

Dayton is a city with much history, and even more mystery. Though all of Ohio is riddled with ghost stories and reported hauntings, Dayton seems to be a hot spot for alleged paranormal activity. Let’s look at an overview of some more popular spots that many say are haunted: Sinclair …

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