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Tests of Faith

The faith of an individual is most certainly tested; though I would have to say that it’s not likely for God’s benefit. As was stated in at least one article thus far, if God in fact knows all and sees all, on that end, there is little chance of a …

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How your Emotions Affect Paranormal Investigations

Paranormal activity has not been officially indoctrinated into science yet. Because studies into the paranormal have not yielded consistent, replicable results (paranormal events are, by nature, unpredictable, after all), paranormal investigation has not been given the same scientific status as physics or geology in the world of science. But, if …

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Connecting and getting help from Angels

To connect with angels is to connect with God as angels are God’s creation and do his will. Angels have been mentioned numerous times both in the Old and New Testaments. In the beginning of the Bible to the end they  honour God’s will. Although angels are not human they have appeared …

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Faith through Job Loss

Life can throw some harsh lessons in your path and sometimes it seems as if you just can’t possibly handle anything else. That, of course, is the precise moment-as that thought still hangs over you like a conversation bubble-life decides you can, in fact, handle something else. It’s really interesting …

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The sightings of ghosts and spirits and other unexplainable things are definitely on the rise, and believers in the paranormal and skeptics alike recognize this fact. You have to ask yourself this question: If there is no such thing as ghosts, then what is everyone seeing lately? To find the …

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Let Native Americans Worship in Peace

Let Native Americans Worship in Peace Since 1918, American Native Spirituality has been recognized by the U.S. government and the United Nations as the Native American Church. The NAC beliefs are based upon the earth and sky often referred to as Mother Earth and Father Sky or the all-inclusive term …

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