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Angels Unawares – Real

Angels are interdimensional beings that God created before he created man.  They have been seen by millions of people and have helped people for millenniums.  The accounts of angels saving people from certain death fill books and according to the Apostle Paul, we may have entertained angels unawares.  Sometimes, humans …

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Spiritual Advice using Prayer Logs

Prayer is one of the tools that Christians use in their daily lives to gain a better relationship with God.  When Jesus Christ died on the cross, the veil was rent in two and prayer became something everyone could do at any time they wanted.  What is even more powerful …

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No one between you and God

The priest is concerned solely with the individual believer. Thus the question whether you really need a priest can only be answered by the believer. In fact, only the believer has any right to speak on the matter. The fact that some religions have priests while others don’t is beside …

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Womans Psychic Guide to Saving Money

Woman’s intuition is not something to laugh at, or take lightly. It is very possible for a woman to develop their psychic ability into a powerful force for saving money. Everyone knows of a woman that seems to always find the good deals, huge sales and bargain basement specials – …

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Noble Native American Honor

Noble Native American Honor To return America to a land of real honor we must first ask the indigenous people to forgive our forefathers’ mistakes and sins. America is by far the most violent nation in the world today. Why America is so violent is the subject of much discussion …

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Madame Lalauries House

On Royal Street, in the French Quarter of New Orleans, stands a house. A house of true horrors. A house that will undoubtedly remain haunted for generations to come, due to its gruesome past. That house is the LaLaurie House. The year was 1832 when Dr. Louis LaLaurie moved into …

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