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Religious Concepts

Agnosticism and its Variations

Agnosticism means ‘without knowledge’ in Greek. The term can also be used when a person is indecisive about an issue. In other words, the existence of a deity (God)cannot be proved and in some cases, it just consists of being open to the idea of a God; the medium of …

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The Heavens Declare the Glory of God

Is there anyone? Why is there anyone? That humans exist we may observe and agree. “Why do humans exist?” has potentially as many answers as humans to give those answers. “Is there a God?” seems to be a question best answered by philosophers, religionists, and the insane, if one is …

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Confucius on True self

Confucius often references the Book Of Songs and presents examples from one former ruler of China, Emperor Wen. The discussion he brings about is one that seems to have no end and is common among most philosophical conversations in churches, temples, and places of learning around the world. Confucius is …

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Why all the Fuss about Religious Idols

There are many writings concerning religious rulers, leaders and icons or exemplary images of peoplelike beings. Many times people write out of a theory they presuppose others will automatically accept. This happens particularly when people write for the church or religion they are completely involved with and sometimes have been …

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