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Religious Concepts

Day in the Life of God

To be God, if only for a day; a lofty goal for even the most devote of believers! Even if you didn’t consider it from a strictly spiritual level it would be complicated. Think of it as a job and evaluate it that way. A day in the life of …

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Devil Exorcism

Long gnarled horns protruding from his sinister head, hooves dripping with blood and evil. Hot red skin that enjoys and absorbs the heat that oozes from the torrid depths of hell. Whips slash and echo in the caverns of hate and the embers of fire burn unceasingly never allowing the …

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Faith and Logic

The problem with religion is not the institution, but its logic. The paradox of the stone is the greatest example. It states: God can either create a rock so big, he cannot lift it, or God cannot create a stone so big he cannot lift it. Either way, there is …

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Do Christians Hinder Progress

There is an inherent reference that is too readily made that Christians are a barrier to progress. And the reverse is usually unconsciously made that when one speaks of knowledge, advancement, and progress it relates to science and atheism. Is there a natural correlation between progress and atheism? Are they …

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