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Religious Concepts

The Bible and the Supernatural

From Genesis to Revelation the Bible is the ultimate guide to the supernatural. The Bible its self is not only a legitimate source of historical insight but is the ultimate source of prophecy for the world. Paranormal phenomena is found from front to back. In the context of paranormal phenomena, …

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Gods Creation Hell

Before the casting out of lucifer from heaven, there was no need for hell. Could a loving God create hell? The answer is “absolutely!” He had to put the enemy of Himself and mankind somewhere! And although the enemy freely roams the earth at this time, his time grows short. …

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Is there really a Hell

The Bible speaks many times about hell. In fact the word “hell” is used fifty-five times in the Holy Scriptures. Sometimes when the word “hell” is used, it is simply speaking about the abode of the dead. This could refer to the place where the souls of the unbelieving dead …

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What’s Wrong with Religion

Religion is nothing more than a word with more than one meaning, I would rather use the word Christianity or Spirituality. We wouldn’t have “religion” if it weren’t for people wanting, and needing something to believe in. Have you ever ask yourself how many times the Holy Bible has been …

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