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Religious Concepts

God Animals Man Creation

The holy book recorded that the creation of earth and everything therein was an act from God. He even had to create man after every other thing. At that time, man was the least on his mind. Man was an afterthought. It was a thought that came across his mind …

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Obedience Jesus God Bible

Disobedience to God’s will is a tragedy, and so is reluctant, grudging obedience. God does not want us to disobey Him, but He doesn’t want us to obey out of fear or necessity, either. Instead, we should obey God in response to His love for us, and as we grow …

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Church, like any group meeting could be described as, ” a weekly renewal for the weak of will”. If we are to keep going back every week, does it mean that we can’t handle ourselves and be self disciplined? The story of so many that do not go to church …

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