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Religious Concepts

Overview of Shinto Beliefs

Shinto is an ancient religion indigenous to Japan. It dates back to pre-historic times and is thought to have emerged from Japanese folk traditions. A large following continues to exist in Japan, and it is thought that Shinto has stood the test of time due to its ability to live alongside other …

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Chinese Zodiac Dog

The Chinese zodiac has twelve animals, each with clear personality traits. The Dog, the 11th animal in the zodiac, is much like its namesake animal. Honest, faithful, loyal, and fearless are just some of the positive qualities associated with the Dog. Dogs are also known to be social creatures, and …

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Lov and Faith can Work Miracles

An uncanny energy overtakes the loving person, who has courage to confront the traveler heading down a dangerous or self-injurious path in life. No longer will they be an enabler or witness to wrongdoing. Fear disappears once one decides to act. Whether the troubled individual is a repeat criminal, abuser, …

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