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Religious Concepts

End of the World

The end of the world as we know it is, by many accounts, near. With the release of the film, 2012, which is about the prophesied apocalypse that is scheduled for mid to late December of the year two thousand and twelve, attention to the topic has become heightened. Certainly, …

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Hell does not Exist – Metaphor

“Hell is other people,” to quote Sartre. You don’t need to image a mystical place of fire and brimstone to encounter hardships and incomprehensible evil. It’s a widespread phenomenon that we’ve come accustomed to viewing in the media. People are suffering again. What else is new? I suspect someone living …

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A medium can either be natural born, or develop later in life, though they will already possess medium skills which they just haven’t recognised yet. It is the view of many life long spiritualists that the days of old were more productive in terms of the natural abilities and volumes …

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Learning to Trust God

God is always with us. He has been with us from the beginning of creation. Jesus said, “I will never leave or forsake you.” That is a promise. So often we base our relationship with God on how obedient we are. We may feel that by attending church, reading the …

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Is Freemasonry a Religion – No

It is not necessary for a person to become a freemason in order to know if freemasonry is a religion or not. Volumes of reading materials abound describing how masons work. One can take the first step of entering the portals of Freemasonry by filling up A Petition Form for …

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