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What is a Service Mindset

A service mindset is something all organisations should strive to cultivate.  The value of goods and services are enhanced in the customer’s eyes when delivered in an efficient, courteous and friendly manner.  Similarly, the worth of an organization’s goods and services are diminished when offered in an inefficient, rude and …

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Questioning Jesus Divinity

The Inescapable Question There is a universal, inescapable question which every man, woman, boy and girl, must eventually answer for himself. The answer given to this question will determine the eternal destiny of each and every person on earth. There have been diverse opinions of men down through the ages, …

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Bible Studies for Kids Obedience

Bible studies for kids: Obedience God tells all children in his word to obey their parents. Sometimes this is not always an easy thing to do, but when children obey their parents God is pleased and rewards them for being obedient. For, when children obey their parents they obey God. …

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Witnessing Religious

The only time one person should “witness” to another person is if the conversation is that which would open the door for such a discussion. Regardless of the religion in question, one person should not push their religious views onto another person unless that person has specifically asked or said …

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