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Is the Bible Outdated – No

The Holy Bible is more relevant now than ever before due to the end-time warnings contained in the Book of Revelation as well as the astounding accuracy of prophetic truth actually coming to pass in a modern age. The beauty of the Bible is that it is the inspired word …

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Vulnerability God Death Love

The power of vulnerability Nothing has power over you unless you let it. According to the dictionary the word vulnerability mean susceptible to injury, insufficiently defended , liable to succumb to persuasion or the Latin meaning vulnerare to wound. Ouch doesn’t sound like much fun or that you’ll ever come …

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Forgiveness Matters

I haven’t met anyone who had told me that never has a mistake occurred in life. Never have I met a person that can say that he or she has never made a mistake that affected someone else. It is probably true or close to being true that every person …

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