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Jesus Christ Pontius Pilate Josephus

This question “Is the bible the only way to know Christ?” is by far one of the most explosive questions that can be asked. The thought is that the only way for Christians to know or even have ever heard of Christ is through the bible. However, throughout history, many …

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Catholic Activities for Lent

There are quite a few activities for Catholic families during Lent, which may eventually become traditions.  Lent is not only about giving up things, it’s about giving to other people, either your time or money.  There are many wonderful activities to strengthen your family’s faith and bond all of you …

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Spiritual Mysteries

A friend asked this today: “What is your take on the unknown?” What a nifty question. I came up with this long-winded response: At one time, I was deeply interested in esoteric teachings and hidden truths. Now, however, I feel little attraction to digging and delving but rather to simply …

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Christian Understanding of Suffering

“Oh come on. You have to laugh. Admit it. It’s funny.” “It’s not funny though.” Sigh. You just can’t convince a former bulimic that experimenting with the extremely addictive eating disorder is something to make light of. She didn’t get my humor. No, let me take that back. She understood …

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