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Who was Siddhartha Gautama

Siddhartha Gautama (566-486 B.C.E.) was a man who went through many transitions in life.  During his journey in life, Siddhartha had earned many titles. Siddhartha was a prince and a warrior. He was also a seeker.  In addition, Siddhartha was the founder of Buddhism, a spiritual teacher and a philosopher.  …

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Should i Tithe

We live in a time when executive bonuses are in the millions, professional athletes sign contracts for tens of millions, business acquisitions total in the billions, wars cost hundreds of billions, and our national deficit is over 10 trillion dollars. These enormous figures make one ponder the value of money …

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Staying Healthy and on Track during Ramadan

The ninth month on the holy Islamic calendar is one of the most crucial as it is the month of Ramadan; the time of year when Muslims fast in order to exercise self-control in the name of Allah and attempt to become better people. Fasting during Ramadan can become unhealthy …

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The History and Significance of the Bdud

The Significance of the bDud in Tibetan Buddhism The Indian subcontinent gave the world one of the most fascinating religions to mankind, Buddhism, and its continual study has allowed people to gain not only insight into their own lives, but the lives of others. For scholars, the study of Buddhism …

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