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Reflection on the Lords Prayer

Thinking back, I believe the Lord’s Prayer was one of the first prayers I learned.  I remember reciting it every night before falling asleep. I was very young at the time so I repeated the words out loud more then prayed. It was years later I learned the difference between …

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Finding the one true road of faith

The small town of Nags Head ensconced in the greater Outer Banks, North Carolina bears a name reflective of the piracy legend of old. It is said that the locals of Outer Banks heard news of the piracy of Blackbeard at sea and decided to try their own clandestine adventure …

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Are Angels Real – Real

And god said to the angels; you must serve the man whom I have created. From that point in time things would never be the same again. I admit, the thought of angels, may be to some, nothing but a fanciful idea prompted by the romantically inclined, or maybe even …

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Reflecting on the Holy Spirit

In reflecting of what this doctrine is all about I have found that as we (the believers) should recognize the importance of and who the Holy Spirit is all about. WE must recognize He is God’s redemptive purpose for us. Without the Holy Spirit there would be no creation(Gen.1:2), there …

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Poltergeists – Creation

Parapsychologists and ghost hunters the world over have attempted to unravel the mystery of Poltergeists for decades. Named for the German word of ‘noisy spirit’, the poltergeist lives up to its reputation. Thousands of homes around the world have had their peace and quiet shattered by bangs and crashes, mysterious …

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Getting an infertility consultation with a psychic

Teaser: How might a psychic consultation make a difference to infertility problems and what to consider and expect when approaching a psychic to help you conceive. Although many healthy couples get pregnant within the first six months of trying for a baby, it isn’t uncommon for some women to take up to …

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