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Jesus as a Mortal Man

Well, let me ask the magic eight-ball. It says..all signs point to yes. Just kidding. We don’t need a magic eight-ball to figure this out. We have each other. Right? Let’s just start with the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The first (being Matthew) was written between the years …

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People and Wisdom

We, the people of this world, live amongst those whom many would consider to be the textbook definition of foolish. We (sometimes silently) watch the fools and display a great amount of tolerance for their deceiving acts. We watch them commit heinous crimes, cheat on their spouses, gamble their money …

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Cult Leader Koresh Branch Davidian Waco

Throughout history, cult leaders have been remarkably similar in many respects.  In order to understand the vast majority of cult leaders, we only need to look at one.  The old adage of “if you seen one, you seen them all” is homey and trite, but fitting in this case. David Koresh …

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Personal benefits of reading the Bible

Leadership principles, romance, guidance for managers, supervisor and employees; instructions for developing a winning personality are just a minute dusting of the diverse topics addressed in the Bible. It is definitely more than just Sunday or Sabbath morning reading. It may appear ominous to some, but if you read it …

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Bible Study

The Bible is both like and unlike other books. Skills and techniques that work on any piece of literature yield results when applied to the study of the Bible. But the Bible is more. I believe it’s the “something more” that most of us are looking to unlock. The average …

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