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Should Christians Work on Sundays

Christians are often either emphatically opposed to working on Sundays or do not give it much thought due to the nature of their job or lack of interest in church.  Some will work it while at the same time ardently desiring to be free of such a necessity.  However, the …

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Does God Send People to Hell

Throughout our lifetimes this question has been asked of many: if God loves us so much, how could He send people to hell? I believe that if we really want to know the answer to this question that we can find it in God’s word if we will honestly and …

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Chastity is Cool

Two weeks ago, a young lady in one of our Polytechnics on her IT (Industrial Training) told me how a man old enough to be her father that she approached for possible IT placement in his organization told him that he would offer her the requested IT placement; but on …

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The Holy Bible necessary – No

The Holy Bible is God’s “love letter” to us. As Christians, we refer to this letter again and again to be reminded not only of how much God loves us, but what He expects from us. If the Holy Bible was suddenly ripped from us-every copy-(which, by the way, in …

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What is Holistic Religion

Most religions practice a form of rules to be followed.  And then each and every individual who joins the religion is expected to fit into these rules.  This is why religion is considered a man made concept.  What happens when your individualized being can not fit into these rules?  Are …

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