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Do Christians Hinder Progress

There is an inherent reference that is too readily made that Christians are a barrier to progress. And the reverse is usually unconsciously made that when one speaks of knowledge, advancement, and progress it relates to science and atheism. Is there a natural correlation between progress and atheism? Are they …

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Beliefs and Practices of Jainism

Jainism is an Eastern religion that branched from Hinduism in the 6th century. It was founded by an Indian warrior, Mahavira, who distinguished himself in the military, had a family and then renounced everything to turn to his spiritual development. The beliefs and practices he developed drew many followers in …

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Hiring a Life Coach

What is a life coach and do you need a one? It’s a good question to ask. A life coach is someone who helps another with setting up a plan for living their life. This plan will include goal setting and action planning to meet the goals that have been set. …

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Mind Body Soul what are they

Even if the Greeks were the first to describe such concepts as the mind, body and soul this does not mean their conclusions are either entirely accurate or gospel. I often shake my head when I hear somebody say, “Well so-and-so said it, and I believe it.” Big mistake, as …

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Christian Firemen

There are many ways that Christianity can be viewed as a threat. Even Jesus told his followers that they would be hated in the world because they were not of the world. Jesus was considered a threat to the religious leaders who had him crucified. They didn’t realize that he …

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Satanic Bible Church of Satan nine Statements

To start off, here are some misconceptions concerning the Satanic church: -Satanists do not believe in God. Truth: Satanists do believe in God; for God is nothing more than man’s creation in the first place! -Satanists sacrifice babies and virgins for the sake of spiritual enlightenment. Truth: The main motto …

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