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Recognizing the Signs of a Cult

Religion is a wonderful thing. We all need to have faith in something bigger than us. We all need to have the hope of a future life after we die. We all need to learn how to love the God we worship, to love self, and to love others. Some …

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How many go to Heaven

It is a common misconception today that everyone goes to heaven.  However, this is a modernist error.  It is a result of the loss of universal ethics and the rise of subjectivity as a valid course of action when making moral choices.  According to Pope Pius XII, “the sin of …

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My precious Jesus, the Christ, suffered many indignities: before he was born, during his life, and still is suffering indignities. Documented studies are numerous which substantiate the awareness of the unborn child’s reaction to the mother’s physical and emotional condition. He was exposed to the emotional stress which Mary was …

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Why Christians Celebrate the Lords Supper

In the American culture of Christianity the value of observing the Lord’s Supper has been devalued over the decades. The ordinance of the Lord’s Supper has been overused and underused in different denominations; the bigger concern in today’s church culture is: Do Christians understand the authentic meaning of partaking in …

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Understanding the Unpardonable Sin

There are various thoughts on the unpardonable sin. To understand the unpardonable sin an understanding of who God is and of what sin is, is required. Why this stipulation? God is the source of all truth so a firm grasp of who God is, is necessary to truly comprehend what …

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What was Athanasius View on Eternal Life

Using Athanasius’ arguments in De Incarnatione Verbi Dei it is possible to establish the basis of Christian hope for eternal life.  This is possible by first demonstrating the necessity for the cleansing of corruption that man had brought upon himself by eating from the tree of knowledge.  Without cleansing the …

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