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Laws of Islam Concearning Women

As a Christian I have heard Islam referred to as a religion of Satan and other similar names. I have been fascinated with Islam ever since I was a teenager in high school. In today’s world, Islam has to be both the most misunderstood and mysterious religion in the world. …

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How God Redeems our Brokenness

It was a most unusual cross, a wooden cross, maybe two feet tall and it had pieces of broken mirror attached all over the front like a mosaic. Definitely not your ordinary cross you would expect to find in church, but not so out of place in the chapel of …

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Judgment Day in Islam

Peace be upon you. Before I start this article, I must admit that I’m not a religious expert, but merely someone who wishes to share as much as he knows about the matter, seeing that there is a lack of such articles that deal with how Muslims view the Day …

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God Knowing vs Free will Religion

The Ultimate Debate: God Knowing vs. Free Will God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. He knows all, is all present and all powerful. In His knowing wisdom, God gave us the totally blissful gift of free will. Now, while some see this as an oxymoron, it is in truth one …

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Profile of a Rebel Buddhist Lama Chogyam Trungpa

In 1970, a Tibetan Buddhist Lama who once endured extreme thirst rather than drink fermented spirits came to America. Chogyam Trungpa never turned down a drink again. His defying the conventions of ancient tradition did not stop there. He was far from a typical spiritual leader. He discarded the orange …

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