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Understanding the Concept of God in Hinduism

A common misconception in Hinduism is that there are multiple gods…although Hindu’s see god in all things, they recognize only one absolute power, Brahman, as the only one real God. Because Hindu’s recognize god in each thing around us, people mistake that for an actual belief in multiple gods, when …

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Hinduism History of Hinduism

The Hindu religion as we know it today evolved over many centuries. This article will discuss the various periods of the history of Hinduism – Vedic, Classical and Modern – an effort to present a brief history of the religion. VEDIC PERIOD The Vedic period of Hinduism dates back to …

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Symbols in Jain Dharma

Symbolism is much more of a part of Jainism than most Western minds can comprehend, but as a student of Christianity, I make an attempt. The following is the result of that attempt to understand its place somewhere between Hinduism and Islam. This article is not an attempt ot instruct …

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Links between Buddhism and Hinduism

Hinduism and Buddhism are two of the most influential religions that exist today. Both religions originated from the south of Asia and have the similar philosophies and culture. They also share the same type of philosophy and culture. Although Hinduism and Buddhism are similar by comparison, both religions share more philosophical …

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Hinduism the Ten Avatars of Vishnu

Vaishnavism is a tradition of Hinduism, which is distinguished from other schools by its worship of Vishnu or his associated avatars, Vishnu being the Supreme God in the Vaishnavite. It is believed that each and every avatar linked with the Supreme God has come to form for a specific reason. The …

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Testimonies Experiences with Hindu Rites

Hindu rites or Samskaras are the rites of passage that serve to purify the soul at critical junctions in the journey of life. They are considered essential for the three higher (twice-born) varnas. Neglect of any of these is considered inauspicious for the person and family, as well as signifiying …

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