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Earth-Based Religions

Guide to Celtic Holidays

The Celtics have 8 holidays to celebrate the seasons’ cycle. 4 of these holidays celebrates astronomical event (equinoxes and solstice). In addition, Celtics celebrate 4 mid-season holidays: They are: 1- Samhain 2- Yule (winter solstice) 3- Imbolc 4- Ostara (spring equinox) 5- Beltane 6- Litha (summer Solstice) 7- Lughnasadh 8- …

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Mathan was, as the saying goes, a man from legends. Tall and golden blond, with Grecian carved face and bright blue eyes. When enlisted into the regular service of the army at eighteen, he was given a respite to go to University instead, to study the Enemy’s language and history, …

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Types of Rune Spreads

Types of rune spreads There are as many rune spreads as there are people reading the runes.  The beauty of any good divination system is the ability to use the knowledge that you are learning to create your own spreads.  However there are always some spreads that becomes so well …

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Using Magical Plants

The use of plants for magic is a practice that spans throughout pagan history. There are many different plants for many different uses, for example the grape is eaten to promote fertility and luck. It may surprise people that many of the most common herbs used in household cooking have …

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Homemade Outdoor Yule Decorations

Yule is a holiday that symbolizes the coming of the sun, and it is a great holiday for creating homemade decorations. Many people decorate outdoors for the holidays, and there are many easy outdoor decorations you can make for winter solstice. This article will provide you with step-by-step instructions on …

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Pagan Rituals Design

Designing rituals can be a joy, but for a first-timer, and particularly for a new pagan, it’s fairly overwhelming. Here are some guidelines to help you out of the lostness. 1. Where will your ritual take place? If it is not held within a person’s home, you will have to …

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