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Earth-Based Religions


Theurgy is a term derived from the Greek that describes the practice of rituals performed with the intention of invoking the action of one or more gods to perfect oneself. Theurgy comes from the Greek word theurgeia (from theos, “gods” and ergeia “work.”) In ancient times, theurgy served as a …

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Introduction to Theodism

Theodism is a modern term for a branch of Germanic neopaganism located in North America. The theodists are based on German tribal religions. This is in contrast to the Odonists which are based on Viking age religious beliefs. Theodism uses historical research to recreate the religious practices and social structure …

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Yule non Pagan

Yule is so closely linked to the celebration of Christmas, many pagans and non-pagans have no difficulty finding ways to celebrate together. If you are pagan and want to include some of your non-pagan friends in a Yule celebration, there are several ways in which you can mark the Solstice …

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Animal Totems Bull

The bull has been part of our culture for as long as civilisation has existed.  They are used as a food source as well as participants in certain despicable blood sports and folk festivals.  Cave paintings have been found showing bull figures and ancient theological epics like the epic of …

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Spirit Guides Swan

There is an ancient story about an ugly duckling turning into a beautiful swan.   A swan totem will teach you about the power of that beauty but a swan spirit guide will help you find that beauty inside yourself.   Swan as a spirit guide will help you with many different …

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On Making a Set of Runes

There are two important decisions to make regarding your rune set. Firstly, which runic alphabet are you going to work with? Secondly, what kind of material do you want them made from? There are several runic systems in use today, and if you are used to working with a particular …

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