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Earth-Based Religions

Esbats and Sabbats

Pagan celebrations are a time of serious rituals. These celebrations are called festivals, which boil down to two types: Esbats and Sabbats. Esbats celebrate the Moon and chart Her month-by-month journey as She moves through the sky. The eight Sabbats mark the turning of the Wheel of the Year as …

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Animal Totems Cat

Animal totems: Cat The cat is a domesticated pet that causes splits in people.  You are either a cat person or you aren’t because when it comes to felines there are no middle grounds, no walls you can sit on.  They can be the very epitome of a split personality, …

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Spirit Guides Giraffe

As a spirit guide, the giraffe is a symbol of farsightedness or grounded vision. They have the ability to see much farther than most beings. They are not afraid to reach for things that others see as unreachable. They can communicate with others while staying above the earthly problems that …

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