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Earth-Based Religions

Lunar Clock

A spherical chunk of rock circles the Earth with a gravitational energy force that affects every aspect of Earth’s life, including your own internal clock. Every 28 days the Moon rotates around the Earth causing the tides to change, hiding the sun’s rays at times, and causing mental and spiritual …

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Pendle Hill Witches

2012 marks the 400th anniversary of the hanging of the Pendle Hill Witches, in Lancashire. The trials ran from Spring of that year, until August, when they accused were executed.  Since that time the outlook on witchcraft has changed dramatically. In 1612, James 1 was on the throne and he was …

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Neopaganism Environment Earth Based Spirituality Eco Spirituality Nature Based – No

Neopaganism and the Environment Should all Neopagans be environmentalists? Earth Based Spirituality is a very broad “umbrella” term, which can include belief systems like pantheism, (the belief that God is the universe,) transcendentalism, (being in nature leads to intuitive spiritual awareness,) Neopaganism, (a group of modern religions which are often …

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Paganism the Wheel of the Year

The Wheel of the Year is what modern pagans use to refer to the cycle of seasons and the holidays that mark their passing. This modern wheel is a reconstruction of the ancient agricultural festivals and holy days that were celebrated in the pre-Christian cultures of Western Europe. These holidays …

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Spirit Guides Pigeon

The pigeon is a bird which divides loyalties.  On the one hand they are used for sports like pigeon racing, military service in world war one and two and for food.  On the other hand they are disliked when they congregate in city centres to the point that local government …

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