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Earth-Based Religions

Rastafari Roots

The Rastafari movement addresses the issue of the exile of black people in the West. Where it was founded, in Jamaica, 98% of people are black, which is unusual in the West where black people are normally in a minority. The movement began with Marcus Garvey, a fiery Jamaican orator …

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Deities of Imbolc

Deities of Imbolc Imbolc, the pagan festival of spring is celebrated on the 1st – 2nd February.  The goddess or god that you associate with this festival will largely depend on where in the world you are or which particular path you are on.  However, there are a couple of …

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Coyote Totems

The animal totem of the Coyote is prominent in the religion and folklore of the Native American culture, the Coyote stories centre in the area of North and Central America. From a hunter and prey standpoint the Coyote would have posed no real threat to adult Native Americans, so its …

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Yule Party

Yule is the celebration of the winter solstice. In ancient times, people celebrated with a large fire, feasting, and copious drinking. It was thought that the fire would add to the flames of the sun and bring it back to the skies. A good Yule party should incorporate all of …

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Eclectic Pagan

Definition of “Eclectic Pagan” Or What is an Eclectic Pagan? “Anyone who knows they know gets my hair up.” – A.D.A. Jack McCoy from “Law and Order”  I am a man of many names.  To most of my friends of over five years, I’m JD.  To people with whom I …

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Janus two Faced Roman God

The Roman god Janus is known today primarily from depictions of his two faces which look in opposite directions. Janus, or Ianus, as he was originally called in Latin, is the god of gates and doors, or ianua. He is also god of beginnings, endings, and transitory stages, which can …

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