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Earth-Based Religions

Animal Totems Elephant

The elephant is one of those creatures that has entered the consciousness of our race and holds a special place in our hearts.  Although they are the largest land animal alive today we still coo and love to see them.  In some countries they are a domesticated working animal being …

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How to keep a Rune Journal

How to keep a rune journal Like the witch’s book of shadows or the magician’s grimoire, the rune reader’s journal is a book that incorporates all the information that rune readers have learned and discovered.  Unlike the previous two books though a rune journal will only have a set number …

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What are the Celtic Holy Days

In Celtic tradition, particular times of the year are celebrated to acknowledge certain natural energies-celebrating the eight Sabbats. Your Celtic ancestors worked within a ‘Wheel of the Year’ that reflected the cyclical nature of the seasons. This wheel had eight spokes, four of which marked annual events connected to the …

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Animal Totems Blackbird

Animal totems: Blackbird The blackbird is a common sight in many of our gardens and that is true whether you are in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia or even New Zealand.  Even though it has such a wide distribution when it comes to habitats there are only about sixty five varieties …

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Root Doctors and Rootworking

Root doctor is a folklore term for a healer that uses plants, especially the roots of herbs, for their magical, healing and spiritual powers. Root working is an ancient southern tradition originating from West Africa and the Caribbean and brought to North America by slaves. Root working combines elements of …

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