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Earth-Based Religions

Celtic Religion

One of the most important aspects of Celtic culture was religion. According to myth, divine beings called the Tuatha de Danaan were the first inhabitants of Ireland. They were the children of the Mother Goddess, Anu, and their chieftain was the Dagda, whose name meant “the good”. He loved food …

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Spirit Guides Antelope

As a spirit guide, the antelope represents many positive attributes of nature. They are a beautiful, swift, graceful animal.  They represent life and a love of everything natural. The antelope represents action. It shows a desire to always be in motion in life. Never sit still on your journey of …

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The Rastafari Movement is a religious movement in which its’ adherents accepts Jesus Christ yet believes that Haile Selassie I, who was the Emperor of Ethiopia from 1930-1974, was the reincarnation of Christ and thus, God-Incarnate “onto the earth.” The Rastafarians, as the movement activists were called, felt that Ethiopia …

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An Introduction to Symbols in Druidism

Symbols used in druidism are of three general types: cosmological, illumination, and trees. Additionally, the special Ogham writing and the numbers three, nine (three squared), and four (or, more accurately, 4+1) served symbolic functions. Cosmological symbols include the triskele, spiral, circle, and the sun wheel. The triskele is probably the …

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Raven as Spirit Guide

Although the role of all animal spirit guides is intrinsically the same, namely that of protectors and teachers, each will bring particular qualities which are specific to that animal and allow one to tap into that energy. While some people present almost mirror like personal attributes and strengths of their …

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