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Earth-Based Religions

American Indian Spirituality

Every tribe is different in their beliefs. This said, however, there are some things that are common to most. Most did or do believe in Shamanism. However, this should not be confused with a religion, because it is a spirituality, not a religion. Spirituality and religion are not the same …

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Spirit Guides Weasel

The weasel is an agile, cunning spirit guide. Weasels are known for being fierce and relentless when they are hunting. They are sometimes playful spirits.  Digging down deep into a problem or dilemma is the style of the weasel. As a spirit guide, the weasel teaches one to be relentless …

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Eagle Animal Totem

The tradition of spirit guides has a long history as most cultures have believed that a spiritual world exists alongside a physical one. In some traditions, spirits were once human form, even great spiritual teachers; in other traditions, the natural world of animals are the source the connection to the …

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Spirit Guide

Spirit guides are the teachers of the higher world. They stay with us to shepherd us throughout our life and its many trials, so that we come away from it with a higher understanding and awareness of the world around us. They can accompany us throughout our entire life or …

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