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Earth-Based Religions

Animal Totems Deer

The deer, a food source, pagan totem and Disney favourite is one of the most widely distributed and successful of mammals on the planet. From England to China, South America to Australia and North America to India the deer is able to survive and prosper nearly everywhere.  Nearly all male …

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First Rites in the Celtic Faith

First Rites First Rites marks the point where a Celtic child becomes an adult after the rites they take on responsibility for themselves and their actions; they officially become adults in the eyes and mind of the community. Throughout history there have been a lot of different ways cultures acknowledge …

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What is a Spirit Guide – No

Spirit guides and totems are two very different things at their core. While the terms are often used interchangably, the differences between the two are apparent upon examination. A totem is an item or living thing, commonly an animal, which gives a person personal, spiritual power. When I was taught about …

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