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Earth-Based Religions

Spirit Guides Dog

Before the horse was introduced to Native Americans, the dog was more than just a family pet or companion. Many tribes depended on dogs as a working animal. Dogs would pull sleds (and are still utilized to this day for this task) carrying people as well as cargo. Though dogs …

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Celtic Goddesses Danu

Danu was the great mother goddess of the Celts. Lush Goddess of rivers, springs, and wells, she was a great fertility deity as well. As part of the triumvirate of Morrigan, she was also a goddess of strife and strength on the battleground. She was worshiped throughout Europe under other …

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The Armadillo as a Spirit Guide

As a spirit guide, the Armadillo is considered to be a symbol of boundaries and safety. The strongest medicine that the spirit guide, Armadillo, possesses is teaching the importance of personal boundaries. Armadillo also teaches individuals to respect the boundaries of others. Armadillo carries his or her protection with them …

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