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Earth-Based Religions

Behind manifestation

Often, we claim that we want one thing but receive something else entirely. Why? It is not necessarily because we’re doing something “wrong” or that we’re “off” in the way we tend to see it. There’s much more to it than just the thoughts we put to them. It also …

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Spirit Guides Goat

The spirit guide that is the goat teaches one to be surefooted, independent, to eliminate feelings of guilt, and to understand the energy of nature. The goat teaches agility and to reach for great heights. The goat teaches those under its protection how to remain on firm, solid ground and never …

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Animal Totems Rat

Animal totems: Rat The rat has a bad image in most western countries.  We see it as something to be feared or reviled and if you see a rat in your back garden you immediately start thinking of how to get rid of it.  Yet many other countries see the …

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Sweat Lodge Ceremony

In a recent issue of a spiritual magazine a reader put this question to a shaman; “In view of the many stories about people being injured or dying as a result of participating in a sweat lodge ceremony, do you think it is safe to participate?” In the article that …

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Elders in the Pagan Community

Paganism is one of the fastest growing groups of religion in the United States at this time. The term covers a multitude of subsets with a multitude of ideas and practices. Wiccans, Druids, Neopagans, Animists, Witches, Norse; the list is long, with many not always agreeing on who should be …

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