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Earth-Based Religions

Pagan Resources

Paganism is probably more alive today than it’s been in 2,000 years. Many people are going back to the roots of religion to find answers to their questions. With all the resources out there, how can one be sure they are getting the best information? Here is a list of …

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Animal Totems Swan

Animal totems: Swan When you think of the swan you think of a bird of extreme grace silently gliding through the water.  This is possibly because they are the largest aquatic bird in the world and thought of more as an ornamental bird than anything else.  Swans love wetlands and …

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Wicca v Satanism

Lets see where to start? First off, since the earth based religion Wicca has nothing whatsoever to do with Satanism I highly find the name of this article offensive. There are no roots of Satanism in Wicca and I strongly believe this. As most are aware, Wicca being one of …

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Runes are essentially straight lines cut or drawn onto a surface to represent one of between 22 and 36 spoken sounds and / or letters. These individual runes are also associated with natural, physical and emotional nouns, and in turn further associations with those nouns are attributed to each rune …

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