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Lordship of Jesus Christ

In a world where lordship is subjective, Christ claims to be the only true Lord and way to heaven. The truth of his claim is confirmed when one discovers what “lord” really means, how Jesus differs from all other “lords,” and how believers relate to him as Jesus Christ, Lord …

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Jesus is the way to Jesus

Jesus is not a religion. He is the divine Son of God and the only way to the Father. To entangle knowing Jesus with having good or proper doctrine is to not understand what it means to know Jesus. A child does not need to know his father’s lineage and …

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Why Small Churches should Close – Yes

It is true that no minimum attendance exists for a body of believers to be considered a church. It is also true that small congregations can be an invaluable asset to the community in which they serve. However, there are certain instances when having a small congregation is symptomatic of …

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Valuable Things to use Wisely

To lead a happy and fulfilling life your feelings, thoughts and priorities all must be in sync with one another.  Many times we let our feelings take over and we react without much thought to certain situations.  Learning to deal with things wisely will lead to harmony in your daily …

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Washington Nativity Debate

Christmas is here again and you know what that means. You guessed it – more Christian/Atheism debating to boost the holiday spirit. It used to be small town nativity uproars in the park, and then came indignation over courthouse pedestals or plaques, but now it’s moved into the halls of …

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Psalm one

The first Psalm is the beginning of the longest book in the Bible.  Therefore, it is very significant to understand and it sets the tone for the entire book.  The writer of the Psalm, who chooses not to be named, draws two main comparisons with the six verses that the …

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