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Children and God

Children should know God, as well as teenagers, and adults. Some may argue that there is an age of accountability. I also believe that up to a certain age children will be raptured. That does not stop me from teaching my child and others about God. Jesus said to have …

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Is Worshipping Angels Wrong

The first commandments states: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” That seems pretty clear. But it doesn’t answer the question: is it okay to worship angels? The problem hinges, as grammarians would agree most problems do, in a prepositional phrase. “Before me.” The first thing a grammarian does …

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Gay Priests – Yes

To understand what this question is asking is to live the life of a Christian homosexual. I was born and raised in the Christian United Church, and I have always been taught that to be human is to sin. Even ministers and priests are not without sin. The only difference …

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Ministry of Condemnation! The ministry of condemnation is so popular that many mistakenly amen a false doctrine. Grace is so powerful and pure that it boggles the mind of men and it’s to them according to their own understanding impossible for GOD to be that loving, longsuffering, and merciful. For …

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How to be Saved

God has made it really easy for us to be saved. Romans 10:9 tells us how. All we have to do is believe that God has raised Jesus Christ, his Son, from the dead, and make confess Jesus as Lord. That’s it. That is all you need to do. The …

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Why there is Pain

The problem with pain is that we opened sin. After the fall of Man (Genesis 3:6-7), the life and desire for sin amplified our depravity. If there is anyone who would say, “If I was in the garden, I wouldn’t of done that..” I don’t suppose they would have either. …

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