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Atheism Reward after Death

September 11, 2001 ought to be enough to convince anyone that the reward after death myth is a dangerous one. The hijackers of the planes were all reported to have believed in the nonsense that they would be rewarded after they died, and it was for this reward that they …

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Atheism Suffering

Religion has caused much strife and conflict since the very beginning, even all the way back to ancient civilization.  It stunts intellectual growth and hinders human interaction. It is the cause of narrow-minded people, and in almost all cases attempts to limit or even prohibit the pursuit of gratification (sexual, …

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Believing in God is Foolish

It’s foolish for anyone to believe in a God that cares about them. But what’s a fool?  People become foolish when they refuse to bend to change and to refuse to do what they know is right.  People hate change.  It’s too complicated.  It gives them headaches.  They would prefer …

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Atheist Profile Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein spent his life working towards being the renowned scientist he became at his death. Einstein was born Jewish, at age 11 practiced Judaism with a fervor, by his teens he was a non-practicing Jew. He lived his life striving to be a scientist, struggling with finding his place …

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God is Dead

God is dead, and I’m not feelin’ too good myself When Friedrich Nietzsche told us that God was dead, circa 1880, some thought it was terrific news, including the great philosopher himself, because it meant more freedom for man, but most people were alarmed, for one reason because it meant …

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Reasons for Atheism

The Psychology of Atheism The question of whether a god or higher power exists is one of the most-debated topics on our planet.  With the formation of organized religion, people are able to choose groups that share a common belief or set of beliefs.  We have Catholics, Muslims, Presbyterians, Lutherans, …

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