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I think that I am turning into an agnostic. I have whistled in the dark long enough and preached to the choir long enough, but I have had a shift in attitude of late that has been creeping up on me in increments. Well, I really can’t say that it …

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Atheism Myths

The most common attempts to discredit atheists in discussion stem from misrepresentation. If only Christian apologists could understand their opponents’ positions, they would have a chance at discrediting at least some of them. Of course, preachers and apologists aren’t exactly talking to a critically-minded crowd most of the time: they’re …

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Nothing Exists

Would Eric Rudolph make a good neoconservative president? News Analysis: a case can be made to nominate serial bomber Eric Rudolph neoconservative president of the United States. “It isn’t just our homes and selves that need defending,” U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas proclaimed to the National Rifle …

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Relevance of Religion Today

Has religion become obsolete ? Religion is the equation between God and man. Those who appreciate this concept have no difficulty in relating man’s existence to the will of God. For them religion is an integral part of their lives, and they can never imagine a civilized existence which is …

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Atheist being one Sided

I’ve always been called thick-headed and one sided about things since I’m atheist, but believing in religion sounds much more like what I am accused.  Believing in false hopes like religion is thick-headed in itself. There are so many holes in the religious theories.  I can just poke holes in …

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