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Compatibility of Atheism and Morality

Contrary to common belief, theism provides no foundation for morality that is unavailable to atheism. People who argue that atheism and morality are incompatible may have many different things in mind, most of which I will not address in this short essay. For example, they may mean that people who …

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What was the cause of Atheism

An atheist either believes there is no God or gods at all, or is convinced that the thousands of different belief structures have got it all wrong. I think that one of the main causes turning people towards atheism is confusion. An atheist couldn’t comprehend why if there were a …

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Agnostic but Hesitant Believer

As a born Christian I have a hard time understanding what my true disposition is of religion. I no longer consider myself Baptist or Catholic, which those are what my parents are, my father Baptist and my step mother Catholic. Right now I’m in between Atheism and Agnostic. When I …

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Reasons not to believe in God

Recently, I have become absolutely enthralled with the comedic and political antics of Bill Maher. How I completely missed just how in tune this guy is with the American people’s heartbeat, I’ll never know. But, that’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing this because something he said in one …

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Christian Bigots

The biggest problem atheists have ever faced in the United States is that anti-atheist bigotry is an integral – sometimes necessary – part of Western theism, especially in Islam and Christianity. Christianity is the main propagator of this issue in America: the religion dictates that, no matter what you do, …

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