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Closet Atheist

I’m not as much in the closet as I am ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell.’  Several of my friends know I’m an atheist and I don’t recall ever actually lying to anyone about it.  But I don’t get asked very often.  I do try to avoid the subject around people I …

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Let Children Choose their Religion

Children today learn from their parents just like any other creature. Unfortunately for us they usually also follow their parents religion without a choice, many children these days think that their parents know what’s best when half the time they don’t and this causes kids to be christian when they …

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Meaning of Life

Atheists have long been condemned to the idea of a meaningless existence. Religious people find the idea of atheism absurd and unbearable. Without a god to serve, what do you live for? If you believe that there is nothing after this life, then what point is there to living? What …

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Jews for Jesus

Mr. Cooper, I am a staff worker with the Jews for Jesus organization. What you claim as the “unfortunate truth” about us is completely untrue: that we target the children at Orthodox day schools! The truth is that we have an official policy that we will not interact with anyone …

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Skepticism Debunking Creationism Pseudo Science

Skeptic Magazine is a magazine published by The Skeptics Society, an organization devoted to promoting scientific skepticism and resisting the spread of pseudo-science, superstition, and irrational beliefs. It was first published in the spring of 1992 and has a circulation of 50,000. It’s available by subscription or on major news-stands …

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An atheistic view of morality

To address this question of compatibility between what one would call morality and a non-belief in God or any form of supernatural higher power theist underlies the existence of the universe/s the first question that really has to be dealt with is what do we mean by “morality” and how …

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