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Is Atheism a Religion

From before recorded history, men have believed in a god. God made, he created, he controlled. God is the answer to why things happen that we don’t understand. SO is this god a real being or an imaginary thing? That debate will continue for as long as there are people …

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How to Debate a Christian

You will almost never convert a Christian to atheism. If this is your goal then you will only come out of the discussion angry. Remember that the purpose of debating in a public forum is not to convert your opponent but instead to sway anyone who is listening and undecided. …

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Religion Tradition Reason Faith

Due to the tendency people have to believe in “something,” and the struggle to simultaneously maintain an educated and rational approach to reality, faith may sometimes seem foolish. Facts, concepts proven to be absolute truths, become essential for an adherence to normality. Reason and faith both have validity in this …

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Atheist UFO et Richard Dawkins Quote Mine

It has become very common for the religious, especially those willing to call themselves Young-Earth Creationists, to make the claim that atheists believe that life was seeded on Earth by extraterrestrial beings. It pops up all over the internet, and even in question sessions following the debates and speeches of …

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