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Stay at Home Mom

I would say that on average, stay at home moms are under-appreciated. It’s so easy people think. All you have to do is stay home and take care of the kids, what more could you ask for? True taking care of your kids and being able to stay home with …

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Reasons People Choose not to have Children

The choice not to have children is generally not a popular one, although it is more acceptable in recent years than it was for past generations. Oftentimes, when someone choses not to have children, others think that there must be something fundamentally wrong with them. It is ingrained in us …

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Communicate with your Partner

Communication is vital to keeping a relationship healthy. Without communication, a relationship cannot flourish and grow the way it should and may have a tendency to fizzle out, become bitter, or even end altogether. Partners need to communicate with each other on a daily basis, but real communication (deep thought …

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Romantic Ideas

The best way to keep romance alive in any situation is by using the element of surprise. Everyone loves a fun surprise no matter how young or old you are. The great thing is that surprises don’t have to cost anything. With a little imagination you can keep the romance …

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Reasons why Women Cheat on Men

It’s strange how women view their relationship with their husband when the dust settles and the romantic side of life seems to be overtaken by practicality. One of the reasons women cheat on men is that searching feeling for something a woman used to have, but feels they have lost. It isn’t an …

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Changes in Marriage

Expectations in marriage definitely do change over the years. People who survive each other for many years are not the same young, naive newlyweds who are full of often unrealistic expectations of what marriage is going to be like. When we are young forever is a long time. We cannot …

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