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Keeping a Marriage Strong

Regretably we are living in a time where marriage isn’t taken very seriously. I remember talking to one of my best friends before she got married to a man that didn’t really act as if he liked her let alone love her. She looked me straight in the eye and …

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How to Make Love

Making love to your husband should be easy, fun, and leave you slightly breathless just like playing hopscotch. If you treat it like it’s a chore, then it’s not making love. For men and women, love-making starts in the head and ends in the heart. Our bodies are just a …

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Love Passion Love without Passion – No

What is love? To look after someone? Allow someone to take care of you? Doing things that you love perhaps means to do any act in the way that satisfied you, with care and professionalism and curiosity to discover new opportunities that will allow your creation to become even better, …

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Arranged Marriages or Love Marriages – Arranged

Statistically, arranged marriages last longer but I think that this is as much to do with expectations, practices and traditions as anything else. Many different cultures arrange marriages, but this often has very little to do with religion. Instead, it’s about cultural purposes and traditions. These marriages are arranged through …

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Reasons why Marriages Survive Affairs

Affairs happen and the fallout from them can be devastating to the married couple.  But they don’t necessarily signal the end of the marriage.  If a both partners want to remain together and are willing to work through their issues they have a good chance of succeeding. People commit infidelity …

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