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Why is Sex Important in a Marriage

Sex is just one of the glues that help hold a marriage together. It helps a couple continue to bond together over the years. Most couples with a long-lasting marriage will tell you that sex plays a big part in the relationship. Sex helps build the love couples feel for …

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Deciding its Time to Divorce

No one with a true heart wants to throw in the towel on their marriage, however, there comes a time to decide that it is for the best. Circumstances that, at one time, were trivial annoyances pile on top of bad blood that has become the center of your day …

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Deal with your Partners Annoying Habits

Overcoming the annoying habits of your partner can help to recreate a good relationship. Everyone has a few habits that annoy others, but overlooking those annoying quirks can make a relationship connection so much better. Here are some tips for dealing with your partner’s annoying little habits and trying to …

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Marriage Baby Planning Goals

Nobody can ever tell when is the right time to have a baby, except for the couple themselves. They are the ones that knows what goals they have for their lives. Sometimes though having a baby comes sooner then the couple least expect it. What of those though that are …

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One-sided marriages don’t work

Marriage is a partnership. Just as in business it’s important for every member of a venture to take on their equal share of responsibility or risk failure, the same can be said of the marriage enterprise. Both husband and wife need to make a commitment not just to fidelity, but …

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