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The Happy Wife

It’s a lot of pressure just to be sane in this society, let alone be happy. It’s also very difficult sometimes, to figure out what makes us happy so, to have a laundry list of things a husband can do to make us happy can be a chore for some men. There’s …

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Relationship Marriage Intimacy

A marriage is a beautiful relationship that needs some particular skills from both husband and wife to survive and flourish. As with all the intimate relationships, marriage also faces many challenges from external forces which are determinant of its survival. In such a situation a couple is left with the …

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Separate Bed Sleep Marriage

Sleep is absolutely vital to the human being. Without sleep our decision making ability is impaired, we are less in control of our emotions, we feel tired and have trouble concentrating, and we are generally be less able to handle the normal demands of life, including those found in relationships. …

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Military Marriages

Maintaining a good marriage while your spouse is deployed is a challenge that many military couples face. The relationship needs to be strong with a good sense of trust and firm commitment to each other. The spouse who waits at home needs to have a full life in order to …

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Concepts of Marriage

We are social animal and it is often said because we cannot live alone. Every human being loves to be surrounded with other people, whether it is the family or friends. We love to share our feelings and emotions with someone who is close to our heart. Our modern society …

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Getting along with your Spouse

Often in relationships we are attracted to people who have characteristics that we admire or wish we had ourselves. After getting married however, they may find that the disparities that made their partner exciting or interesting to them, now make sharing a household or splitting responsibilities difficult because their routines …

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