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Porn Marriage – Yes

It is common knowledge that you can’t change anyone. The person you met and fell in love with will always be the person you met and fell in love with. No amount of nagging, begging or pleading is going to change someone. In the end, we are who we are …

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How to get over a Divorce

I loved my husband. I still do. I tried everything in my power to make him stay, but he wanted out. I found out that my husband had been having an affair for a couple of months. I found this out just before we were to go to Jamaica to …

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Challenges of Marriage

Marriage is a strange endeavor. There are a million things that have to be done once you get married. There are also several challenges that you will encounter from day to day. So what are the daily challenges associated with marriage? There is the challenge of planning your financial future. …

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Divorce in Kentucy

To be granted a divorce or a ruling of “dissolution of marriage” in the state of Kentucky, no assignment of blame or proof of wrongdoing is necessary. The court need only be convinced that the marriage is broken beyond repair. One of the parties in the case must have resided …

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