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Effects Moving in together Children

Divorce rates are shooting through the roof. Where does this leave children? Apart from having to commute between their separated parents, or even worse, choose between them, they probably will have witnessed some ugly fights that might have left an imprint for life. Another possible consequence is being forced to …

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Need for Monogamy

I was reading the Los Angeles Times today (it happened to be in the break room at work and I had nothing to read, otherwise I would have avoided it) and in it was an article about a new documentary that will be airing on cable TV called “Love and …

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Obtaining a Civil Annulment in California

The requirements for obtaining a civil annulment in each State are different. However, it is a legal process in each State that affirms for a variety of reasons, the marriage was not legal from its onset. Some States are reluctant to grant annulments if couples have children. Even  if there …

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Common Marriage Myths

Whether you’re married or not, you have always heard someone who has never been married have some crazy idea about what happens after being married for some time. Every marriage is different and my marriage myths may be realities for your marriage. However I think you may find a few …

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Coping with Empty next Marriage Syndrome

The empty nest marriage syndrome is that empty feeling parents experience just after the last child has moved away. It can include moments of regret or guilt about how they could have done things differently to raise their children. They must face the reality that one phase of their lives …

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Divorce Settlement and Taxes

Divorce settlements are rarely settled. One party simply acquiesces to the demands of another, to expedite the final decree and thus an agreement of divorce. However, each party must be aware that there are issues that exist outside the dissolution of the marriage, that are bound by law and applied …

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