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Friends And Peers

When to End a Friendship

Friendships are delicate relationships. While they can add great joy to our lives, they can also deteriorate over time. Trust is broken. Kindness is replaced by jealousy and insecurity. Cruel words are exchanged. It can be extremely painful when a friendship sours. Sometimes the relationship can be repaired. Other times, …

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How to Find a Pen Pal

Ever joined a social networking site? When it comes to pen pals, there isn’t much of difference; minus any sort of technological advancement and there you go. If anything, choosing to make someone your pen pal – with actual pen and paper communication – is much more personable, innovative, and …

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The Truth about Friendships

Friendship is subjective, meaning many different things to many different people. Some people find friends to be some one to be there when their down, other use friends to have something to do. However, no matter how you look at it a friend is someone you need to be around …

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Sacrifices within a Friendship

Friends give many things to other friends, the most important of these being comfort, understanding, and a shoulder. It has been stated that you’re only friends with someone if they’re giving you something you need and sticking to that ideal one must understand that it works both ways. The only reason …

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Making new Friends

Making friends isn’t always as easy as it sounds.  Some people are gifted and make friends in everything they do, others have to work at it a little bit.  Here are a few strategies to help you create solid friendships that will stand the test of time. Get Out There! …

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