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Friends And Peers

How to tell if your Colleagues are Lying

Communication in the workplace is vital. Anyone that has ever been left in the dark about something (and that’s probably everyone) will almost certainly agree with that statement. It’s not just about communication though. It’s more about honest, sincere communication and, unfortunately, that’s perhaps not as common as it should …

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How to Define Friendship

We always tend to hurt someone that is closest to us. Those chosen people that we claimed we heart them with love. And, the love itself formed by a friendship that God knows how it does happen when it happened. Friendship does not construct within an overnight, it goes along the …

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Interracial Friendships

Friendships are color blind – for what color has a soul? That is what true friendship is to me. The sharing of two souls, forget the color of the skin that houses them! Friends embrace, support, laugh and cry together, they know when to speak up, when it is best …

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Benefits of Meeting new People

Meeting new people is a necessary part of the lives of each and every individual that occupies the modern world. Going out and meeting new people is not only necessary, but it is also very beneficial in a wide variety of ways. Increasing your presence in the personal and professional …

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Making Friends

For some, getting people to like you is hard, for others getting people to keep on liking you may be the hardest.  Wherever you go you can make acquaintances, some may turn into friends, some may not. Despite what your mother told you, talk to strangers and learn about them. …

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Unhealthy Relationship

As a friend, your values and principles conflict with each other when a good friend of yours is living in an unhealthy relationship? How? Well, as a friend your first instinct is to provide advice in order to help your friend. On the other hand, your advice may end up …

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