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Friends And Peers

Criticizing Friends

We’ve all been in that situation. A friend starts to sing along with the radio. In a pathetic display of tone-deafness, she is off pitch and out of key. You encourage yourself with thoughts like, ‘Maybe she hit one or two notes in that song.’ (But in your heart, you …

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How to Avoid Peer Pressure

Avoiding peer pressure can be difficult, especially for adolescents and teenagers when the need to be accepted by one’s peers reaches peak intensity.  Most everyone wants to be accepted by their peers.  Some are strong enough to resist peer pressure while others will do whatever it takes to be accepted, …

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When two people decide to live together, whether they know each other or not, there are often tensions as the habits of the other person come to light in close quarters. And that’s not to say that either person is wrong, just that they are different, and deal with things …

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Why communication is a two way thing

Communication takes a huge portion of people’s every day lives though they often don’t realize that. The question is how well have you learned to communicate? Many people lack good communication skills and unfortunately even if your skills are the best in the world if the person you are attempting …

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