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Insults are simply abuse in verbal form

Insults are often off-handed and said with no forethought. This information does not help with the initial sting of a personal insult, but it can be comforting in the aftermath. One of the best initial reactions is to simply walk away. Do not engage. Leave the situation and give yourself …

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Introduction to Bdsm

Every relationship requires a certain level of trust, especially in a romantic relationship. People have a desire to trust, and to be trusted. Generally they “open up” to their partner, and perform various activities that develop this trust. Sex is something that builds a great deal of trust within a …

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Too Busy to Make Love

Love is wonderful. Searching for love, finding love, falling in love and making love are all exciting, renewing experiences. During your infatuation, everything is about the two of you; you make time for one another, no matter what. But then life happens. You have a few kids, you have your …

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How to Move on from a Relationship

Moving on from a relationship can be incredibly difficult no matter how long it lasted, if you become attached to someone or even simply used to them being there, their sudden absence can be very emotional and upsetting. Even if you have only been together a short time, if you …

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How to Instill Hope in others

Whether you have friends who are feeling low or you simply want to encourage people you know to achieve their best, knowing how to instil hope in others is an important attribute. There is no set formula for doing so, because each person you try to help will react differently. …

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